So Easy Fish Tacos

(This is Tonya hijacking Scot’s blog again…)

We have a rule in our house:  Whoever gets home from work first is in charge of dinner.  Lucky for me, I often beat my husband home!  I am always looking for a quick meal, one which can be ready in less than 30 minutes and this is definitely one of those meals.  They are also a delicious healthy alternative to burgers this Memorial Day weekend. 

Cooking your fish in a heavy skillet (iron skillets work great) will keep it moist and help cook it more evenly.  If you would rather cook on the grill simply wrap fish, oil and spices in aluminum foil and cook over medium high heat approximately 3-4 minutes per side.  We love this fish served on a tortilla with kale or cabbage and topped with avocado and pico de gallo.  Enjoy!

So Easy Fish Tacos

  • Servings: 4
  • Difficulty: easy
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IMG_5753 (002)

4 tilapia fillets

2-3 tbsp olive oil

1 tbsp chili powder

1 tsp garlic powder

½ tsp paprika

Salt and pepper

Tortillas, avocado, salsa, shredded kale or cabbage, pico de gallo, or any other of your favorite toppings.


Pat tilapia fillets dry with paper towel.  Heat olive oil 1 to 2 minutes over medium-high heat in a large heavy skillet.  Stir in spices.  Reduce heat to medium.  Place fish fillets in pan and cook on one side 3 minutes.  Carefully turn fillets and cook an additional 2-3 minutes or until fish is white and flaky.  Reduce heat to low and break apart fish in skillet.  Your fish is ready for tacos!


Back to Scot…

As I stated when I started this blog I am a lucky guy!  And traffic is awful so I usually get home around dinner time which means Tonya has probably created a wonderful dinner with an aroma that immediately hits me as I walk in the garage.

So I will contribute a beer pairing.  Truth be told, I don’t actually worry about the pairing because  I KNOW dinner will be great!  I like to recommend beers I have tried and enjoyed with the meal and hope others will like them as well.  IMG_5651 (002)

Take this suggestion:  Miro Miel Honey Blonde Ale by East Nashville Beer Works.  It’s a light and crisp beer using local honey and actually compliments the fish tacos and balances the saltiness of the fish and tortilla chips!  If you are in Nashville make sure and visit the brewery’s taproom!


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